GeoScaling History

GeoScaling was founded to provide web scaling services to companies. We have several projects in progress, but our main one for now is GeoScaling DNS.

We started working on GeoScaling DNS in 2006. GeoScaling DNS1 was launched in 2007. New accounts could be created by invitation only. The interface was different than the one you see in DNS2. You could only redirect visitors based on the country, and updates to the nameservers were not real-time (but fairly close).

GeoScaling DNS2 was launched in January 2009 and is a complete rewrite. The main difference is that the advanced featured are powered by a PHP-like scripting language that allows total flexibility on redirection decisions.

We had no major outages since we launched the service in 2007

19 May 2007 - GeoScaling DNS1 was launched; access by invitation only

25 Jan 2009 - GeoScaling DNS2 beta was launched

1 Feb 2009 - GeoScaling DNS2 registrations open to the public

11 Feb 2009 - was added; full IPv6 support active on ns1 and ns3

23 Jan 2015 - GeoScaling Service has now a new Owner

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