GeoScaling DNS2

Greetings gentle network admins and web programmers. GeoScaling DNS2 is a managed DNS server which you can control from a web browser.

Basic Features

  • Redundancy and scalability assured by nameservers in three countries and two continents.
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Add and edit DNS records without reloading the page
  • Changes propagate instantly to our nameservers
  • Low time-to-live (TTL) ensures updated records are propagated on the Internet in less than 5 minutes
  • Support for most types of records, including SRV

Advanced Features

Let me give you a simple example of what kind of redirection you can achieve with DNS2.

as30890 - evolva ilink
as8708 - RDS
as34304 - teen telecom
as24745 - Romtelecom
  if( sizeof( array_intersect ( $as, array("as30890", "as24745") ) ) )
    $output[] = array("A", ""); // - evolva ilink
  else if( sizeof( array_intersect ( $as, array("as34304", "as8708") ) ) )
    $output[] = array("A", ""); // teen telecom
  else // another network, just send both ips
    $output[] = array("A", ""); //
    $output[] = array("A", ""); // teen telecom
  $output[] = array("A", "", "400"); // ovh international, ttl set to 400

The above code redirects the user only based on country and AS numbers. If a user comes from Romania and is in certain networks, he/she gets one set of IP addresses, otherwise another. If the user is an international visitor, he/she gets the address of the international mirror in France. This effectively lets you build a Content Delivery Network in a few lines of code, where each user can be redirected to the best/closest mirror. The above code actually runs on a limited version of PHP.

The advanced features of DNS2 are geared towards medium and large websites.

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